Home automation and the smart home: increasingly wide-ranging concepts

The concepts of smart homes and home automation are increasingly wide-ranging, encompassing more and more features and evolving at high speed, as fast as the technological developments that enable the systems and appliances around us to communicate.

The aim of home automation today is to improve our comfort and safety while preserving our environment through centralised, simple, intuitive and even automated management of our living spaces. It includes building management functions (automation, heating, air conditioning, lighting, blinds and curtains, security, video, etc.) and more entertainment and leisure-based functions (music, video, cinema, atmospheric lighting, etc.).


Many specific skills

Installing a home automation system requires a wide variety of skills that cannot be improvised: networks and telecommunications, WiFi, audio and acoustics, video, television, Internet, building technical management, lighting, security, software development, interfaces and ergonomics, and project management and coordination with all other professions involved (building, electricity, plastering, carpentry, cabinet making, interior decoration, etc.). It is in this spirit that Smart home was created in 2002 and that it has become a reference in the home automation sector in Switzerland. For almost 15 years now, we have been designing and installing complete turnkey home automation systems for our customers in the residential, hotel and commercial sectors.


An integrator’s objective stance

With its experience, technical skills and above all, the constant curiosity of its teams, smart home identifies, selects and tests numerous products, equipment and technological bricks to integrate them into the solutions we offer our customers. We naturally choose our partners for the relevance of their products but also for the technologies they use and the reliability and robustness of their solutions and service quality they offer. This objective stance when choosing products guarantees you a solution suited to your lifestyle, requirements and budget.